The Flavor & The Fun

smokeSuicide Bunny is one of the hottest names on the market for e-cig refills and for a damn good reason. The high quality, the wide range of flavors and the broad offers of nicotine content including a truly 0mg offering in all flavors makes the Bunny the choice for those who have turned from paper to vapor. For those who do not know what the Bunny is all about here a quick overview of them and their amazing smoking alternative product line.

Suicide Bunny was founded by a woman who wanted nothing more than to save her husband’s life. He was a stubborn SOB though and refused to quit his three pack a day habit. If he did quit he insisted that it had to be in a way that would still let him have the pleasure of smoking and not that it had to be easy. She did not have to hear any more than that. She jumped right onto the developed in technology of the electronic cigarette with its interchangeable and refillable cartridges. She figured that she could save money and her husband’s health at the same time. However, here was one small problem. They did not fill the whole request of her husband. Yes, he was getting nicotine and yes he was still feeling like he was smoking, but there was something missing. She decided to up the ante and the flavor.

She developed Suicide Bunny products to refill almost every e-cig catridge on the market. Along with making it easy to use and economical to buy, she wanted the Bunny the provide something to the vape user that was missing, FLAVOR! Now the Bunny offers a wide range of e cig liquids that are perfect for every taste and mood. Some of the bestselling flavors are Derailed a rich fresh banked cookie experience with a cinnamon banana finish, Sucker Punch which is an alluring mix of dragon fruit with a sweet creamy finish and of course the popular Suicide Bunny Madrina. suicide bunny Madrina is a sweet melon with a tropical flourish of fruits and an enchanting cream base.


Suicide Bunny e juice is made from only the highest quality ingredients and is packed and sealed for freshness and purity. It only takes a few drops to refill the average cartridge and since bunny e cig liquids come in large 30ml and 120ml bottles with resalable screw on caps you can be sure that you are going to get your money’s worth and that the experience will be the same on the last refill as the first. If you are wanting to move away from traditional cigarettes, want an alternative for when traditional smoking is not accepted, or are wanting to quit by gradually stepping down your nicotine intake, Suicide Bunny e juice as a refill in your favorite electronic cigarette cartridge is a great choice. The high quality ingredients, the wide range of favors and the choice of nicotine content makes it a perfect way to lose the paper, and get into the vapor.